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10 Dinner Ideas That Will Have You Eating in Under 30 Minutes

Posted on 9/22/2011 by Roni Noone // Filed in lifestyle leaders, New Flavors, Nutrition, SnackJoy, Snacks // Leave a Comment

Strawberries Chicken Cheese Couscous_Dinner06_30min Roni 9.11 post

Is it just me or is everyone crazy busy?

Sometimes the last thing I want to do at the end of a long, hard day is cook dinner, but what’s the alternative?

Drive-Thru? Pizza delivery?

No, no, NO! I don’t mind it now and then, but eating out or ordering in can get expensive in more ways than one. Instead, I’ve learned to whip up some quick dinners using mostly pantry stock and a few fresh items I try to keep on hand. These aren’t meant to be gourmet 5-course dinners – just some fun ideas to feed you and your family on those busy weekday nights.

1. Peppered Pork with Peppers

A few thin-cut pork chops, some green peppers, and 90-second rice will get you a flavorful meal the whole family can enjoy. Even my picky husband and the 6-year-old will eat this one.

2. Quick Quinoa & Turkey Taco Stew

A one pot taco-inspired meal that will hide the fact that your family is eating super healthy quinoa!

3. Sausage & Pepper Skewers

If it’s still warm enough for the grill, grab a frozen package of turkey sausage and start skewering. Eat alone or serve with some minute rice on the side. Super fast and super good!

4. 3-Bean Chili

Who says chili has to cook all day? Who says it needs meat? Try this fast, tasty idea using canned beans.

5. Skillet Veggie Tacos

Another vegetarian idea, these tacos are filled with veggies quickly cooked in a skillet and then topped with Feta cheese.

6. Strawberries with Chicken, Cheese and Couscous

A fun idea using Mini Babybel Sharp Original and strawberries that can easily be used as a side dish or doubled for a complete family meal.

7. 15-Minute Red Beans and Rice

The name says it all! And the 6-year-old not only ate it, he helped make it!

8. Simple Beef-A-Roni with Peas

Turn a can of Tomato Soup into a meal with some ground beef, pasta and peas!

9. Wasabi Salmon with Asian Kale for One

I made this one just for myself, but you can easily double or triple the recipe for your family. It’s a fun way to up your intake of greens!

10. Quick (I mean REALLY quick) Pasta & Beans

Three base ingredients plus some spices, can’t get any easier (and quicker) than that!

I hope these dishes help inspire you to make something new this week!

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