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Your Adult Spring Break

Posted on 4/10/2012 by Sarah Kay Hoffman // Filed in Community, Holidays, lifestyle leaders // Leave a Comment

SKH_adult spring break

Spring break: Like it, love it or leave it? As a child, teenager and young 20-something, spring break was always a love it. A full week off with nothing to do or think about except fun, entertainment, friends, family and usually white, sandy beaches.  Spring break was the kickoff to longer days and the summer sun ahead. But for most, as the years went on and real life settled in, spring break as we once knew it seemed to fade.

However, it’s time to bring spring break back to your adult life! Here are 3 ways to make it happen:

  1. Travel. A traveling vacation might look different than it did before, but we are never too old for a spring break vacation. Here are some of my favorite places to visit year round. There are several sites that provide great last-minute deals. If you don’t want to fly anywhere, choose a location within 5 hours of where you live and spend a few days exploring a new place. Springtime is the perfect time to leave your everyday bubble! Bonus: While en route, here are 10 ideas for healthy traveling snacks.
  2. One Week Change Up. Give yourself a week break from the same old, same old routine. For one week try new things. Indulge in a new, healthy restaurant. Go to a new class at your gym – something you’ve never tried before. Find a recipe you’ve never made and pretend you’re a chef. (I suggest something cheesy. Here are 6 ideas.)
  3. Get Ahead. I love exploring. I love going new places and experiencing life from as many angles as possible. That being said, I’m also a homebody (I know, it doesn’t make sense!).  I go through periods of time when I want to settle in at home – with my dogs and husband. During these times, I make it my mission to try new recipes, cook even more, lounge by the pool, organize, engage in household projects and yes – gasp – even clean the house. If you don’t feel like going anywhere for spring break, then don’t! Use this as your week to get ahead. Start your day off right, and then do the things around the house you’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time.

Enjoy your adult spring break! What are your plans? I would love to hear!

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