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7 Fun Things to Do With the Kids This Spring Break

Posted on 4/13/2012 by Roni Noone // Filed in Fitness, Holidays, lifestyle leaders // Leave a Comment

Family having picnic outdoors

Is it just me or did Spring Break sneak up on us this year? I’m completely unprepared and have no big plans to take the family on vacation. Instead, I’m going to take more day trips, entertain them close to home or simply have fun at home. Here are a few things on my list…

A Local Park Tour
I’m lucky to live in a community that has quite a few parks available. However, we tend to go to the same one over and over again. This break I’m hoping to tour a few other spots throughout the neighborhood and am setting a goal of visiting at least three “new to us” parks.

Hike and Eat
Also known as a picnic, but I like to pack up lunches for the kids and take a nice long walk on the local trails before picking a spot to settle down for lunch. We have a lot of fun finding a large rock by the water or climbing to the top of a hill for a nice view. Wildlife spotting also makes for a great time!

Craft Time
If the weather isn’t quite what you expected, stay in and entertain the kids with some crafts. You can visit a local hobby shop and pick up a few supplies. We like fun fusions, wood models or recycling leftover The Laughing Cow boxes to make fun containers! Check with your local craft store’s schedule too – some have special classes for kids on spring break.

Go Old School
Well, old school for me at least. I haven’t gone roller skating or bowling in quite some time. Spring break seems like the perfect time to have some fun on the lanes or in the rink. Plus, we can go mid-day which makes it much cheaper than a typical weekend trip.

Look to the Library
Many local libraries plan special events during spring break week. Mine has a few special reading hours and even a magic show!

Spring Clean
Put the kids to work! Let them go through their old summer clothes – trying things on and making a donation or hand-me-down pile with things that no longer fit. Have them do the same thing with their toys!

Garden Plans
Visit a local garden center and start to plan, or even buy, some fun veggies you can grown in a few pots. It doesn’t have to be fancy! A few tomato plants and some herbs are easy to plant, and your kids will have fun watching them grow all spring.

What are you doing with your children on their spring break?

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