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Five Ways to Stay Stress Free This Summer

Posted on 6/8/2012 by Sarah Kay Hoffman // Filed in Community, lifestyle leaders, Nutrition // Leave a Comment

SKH_Stress Free Summer

Seeing as how the official summer kickoff is just a few short weeks away, I’m preparing for a relaxing, stress- free summer. Why? Well, because there should be no such thing as stress during the summer! I like to leave that with the winter doldrums. You should vow to do the same!

Here are 5 Ways to Stay Stress Free This Summer:

  1. Cook Less. During the winter and cooler months, our bodies crave warm, comfort foods – soups, fats, casseroles, meats, etc. But when summer arrives, our bodies want a natural cool down. You can stress less by cooking less of those heavy meals! Enjoy simpler, smaller meals like a mixed greens salad with wild salmon, blueberries, homemade blueberry vinaigrette and topped perfectly with a chopped Mini Babybel Light.
  2. Veggie More. Fruits and vegetables are abundant during the summer months. Go to your local farmers market or grocery store and grab some of the in season summer fruits and vegetables such as: apricots, beets, bell peppers, blackberries, cucumbers and mangoes. Wash them, cut them up and place in containers for easy access! Grab ‘n go while still eating healthy and staying stress free!
  3. Disconnect. Ever notice how technology can cause more stress in your life? Disconnect from that stress as often as possible! Take the opportunity to be outside, soaking up Vitamin D, rather than keeping connected 24/7. You’ll stress less and shine more.
  4. Don’t be too Optimistic. When the days are longer and the sun is brighter, it’s very easy to have a mile-long daily, weekly and monthly “to do” list. Plan and prioritize your day by deciding on the most important summer projects. Kick back, don’t stress and just enjoy the rest of the time. Those indoor activities can be saved for the colder months!
  5. Go Outside. Really! One of the best ways I know to reduce stress is to move and workout as often as I quite possibly can. Exercise is a proven stress-reduction method. Don’t feel like being super active with a walk, run, bike ride or hike? No worries….just sit back, relax and enjoy the sunlight!

I would love to hear your tips for staying stress free. The more options we all have, the better this summer will be!

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