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Fuel Morning Workouts With These Pre-Workout Snacks

Posted on 6/14/2012 by Patricia Bannan // Filed in Community, Fitness, lifestyle leaders, Nutrition, SnackJoy, Snacks // Comments: 2

Morning yoga

Longer days mean more potential for outdoor summer fun! Hopefully good weather is inspiring you to get outside and enjoy some activities. While moving is great for your mind and your health, you can maximize the benefits – and your energy levels – by picking some great pre-workout snacks. Here are some top picks:

Keep it simple: While whole grains are important and should be the majority of your carbohydrate sources during the day, simple carbs are actually best prior to a long workout. Simple carbs are released into the blood stream faster than whole grain carbs, so they’ll provide you with a quick energy boost before your workout. Try half a white bagel with your favorite The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge for a snack that will help you power through your workout. Bonus tip: Although everyone is different in terms of the best time to eat a snack before a workout, most people do well with a small snack about 30 minutes prior. If you find that you get an upset stomach, push the time back a bit.

Protein power: Many exercisers do well with a little protein before their workout. Low-fat dairy products provide high-quality protein, carbs and essential nutrients like vitamin D and calcium. Lean protein, especially lean meat, provides iron for oxygen transport to muscles. A Mini Babybel with some crackers or half of a nut butter sandwich are also top choices, providing both simple carbs and protein to keep you going.

Drink up: Although what you eat before you exercise is important, what you drink is critical as well. With high temperatures and humidity, dehydration can be a serious problem in the summer months. Even if you dutifully set out on your run with a water bottle, you may be sweating more than you think. To get some idea of how much fluid you are losing, weigh yourself before and after you work out. Subtract the amount of fluid you drink while exercising, and you’ll see how much you’re actually sweating. You may find it uncomfortable to drink that much while you are exercising, but you definitely want to replace your water loss soon after you’re done!

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Pam King on June 14, 2012 said:

The new Laughing Cow Strawberry and Cream on a toasted whole wheat bagel with some sugar free strawberry jelly is an excellent pre-work out treat!!!


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