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Filling Snacks for Between Meals

Posted on 8/15/2012 by Patricia Bannan // Filed in Community, lifestyle leaders, Nutrition, SnackJoy, Snacks // Leave a Comment


Whether you fall victim to the 3 p.m. slump or your commute makes late-night dining all too familiar, most of us find it hard to keep our energy up on just three meals per day.  The good news is that “snack” is not a four letter word!  There’s nothing wrong with choosing healthful snacks between meals to help keep your energy up, increase your intake of important nutrients, and keep you from overeating at your next meal.  The key is not choosing empty calorie snack foods and keeping your portion sizes in check.

Here are some easy snack ideas to keep you satisfied but not stuffed:

AppeSize with snacks: An “AppeSizer” forces you to eat more slowly and takes the edge off your appetite.  AppeSizers include foods with high water content to help fill your stomach without adding a lot of calories.  An AppeSizer also provides a transition between the rest of your day and your evening meal, making you less likely to eat mindlessly or consume more than you want. Smart, simple AppeSizers include:

  • A cup of broth-based soup
  • A small dinner salad with light dressing and
  • A cup of hot tea

Bulk up to slim down: Fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products are not only good sources of fiber, but they make great snacks as well.  Your body cannot digest fiber, so these foods add “bulk” to your diet without being broken down into calories.  Another way fiber aids in fullness is by helping to steady your blood sugar, which will help control your appetite.  A slice of whole-grain toast with a wedge of The Laughing Cow Cheese, berries and sliced almonds, or some quick and easy chopped veggies with hummus are all fiber-filling snacks with 200 calories or less – just enough to keep you satisfied until your next meal!

Pack the snack: While you probably have a pretty good idea what is and is not a healthy snack choice, putting your knowledge into practice can often be challenging when hunger hits and there’s nothing healthy in site.  That’s why I suggest you have your ER (“Eat Right”) Survival Stash with you  at all times – filled with healthy non-perishable snack options like nuts, dried fruit, seaweed snacks and whole-food energy bars. You can keep an ER Survival Stash in your purse, car, desk, gym bag, or even your suitcase. When you have a bit more time (literally three seconds – it’s remembering that’s the hard part!), throw some fresh snack options in your bag, like a piece of fruit and your favorite Mini Babybel. By having healthy snacks on deck, you’ll likely find you eat less overall and have more time and energy to do what you love!

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