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Four Fall Activities with Friends and Family

Posted on 9/18/2012 by Sarah Kay Hoffman // Filed in Community, Fitness, Snacks // Comments Off

apple picking

Fall is here, which means new activities with family and friends are plentiful! The kids are back in school, and you have likely fallen back into your fall routine. And even though the days are getting shorter, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy each and every single day of fall that lies ahead.

Here are four fall activities you should try with friends and family:


  1. Apple Picking. Is this cliché? Perhaps. But is it a great fall activity? Absolutely! Take the family to your local apple orchard and pick apples. Many orchards offer multiple things to do beyond picking apples: hayrides, picnics with a scenic view, eating homemade apple pie, make your own applesauce and more. After you’ve grabbed your fresh apples, bring them home and try a Healthier Apple Pie Snack or save them for breakfast the next day and make this Gluten-Free Baked Apple Oatmeal A La Mode!
  2. Autumn Nature Walk. Walking is free. It costs nothing, and it’s a great activity for the whole family or for you to enjoy with friends. Colorful leaves, pinecones and acorns are plentiful during the fall, making an autumn nature walk ideal. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and foliage at a local park. If you have children, a bonus would be to bring a small bag with you on the walk and grab a few leaves, pinecones and/or acorns and make a craft out of them once you’re home!
  3. Football. Fall is synonymous with football for so many! Tailgating is a staple for many people’s fall “diet.” Grab your friends, and celebrate your favorite sports teams. Don’t forget to include your #SnackJoy. Try bringing some crackers, olives, Mini Babybel, celery, raisins, almonds and/or peanuts and make some Laughing Cow Simple Cheesy Salsa.
  4. Hayrides and Pumpkin Patches. Who doesn’t love these traditional fall activities? They are so festive! Just like at an apple orchard, many places that offer hayrides and pumpkin patches also include activities like: corn mazes, carnivals, costume stores, fall food stores, campfires and more.

Of course fall is also the time when many people run races or participate in other outdoor events. Challenge yourself to sign up for a race! It will give you something to train for and work toward. Regardless of what activities you’ll enjoy this fall, I hope you have a great fall with friends and family!

What do you enjoy doing with friends and family during the fall? Feel free to tweet it to us or share it on our Facebook page.

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