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Organizing Your Life This Fall

Posted on 10/4/2012 by Sarah Kay Hoffman // Filed in Community, Fitness // Leave a Comment

SKH_Organizing for Fall

I am very organized and detailed, but if you came to our house you’d never know it. (I mean, unless of course my husband just got done with a clean sweep.) Thankfully, I am not here to share all my housekeeping secrets – because I don’t have any. However, I do have some tips for getting your household organized!

Here are six ways to organize your life this fall:

  1. Kitchen: The kitchen is by far my most favorite place in our house. I cook and bake every free moment I get. Therefore, it must be organized or I would go insane. See -> 5 Simple Steps to Reorganizing Your Cooking and Baking Utensils/Gadgets Drawer.
  2. Car: Organizing your car can be as simple as keeping a laundry basket in your back seat or in the trunk. Place all your miscellaneous and other “junk” from the day in that basket. Each night, take the basket out, empty and replace for the following day.
  3. Gym Bag: If the gym bag is organized and ready to go, you’ll be one step closer to actually using it. Clean it out and restock it each night for the next day. Make it clean and prepped with necessary items (shoes, workout clothes, extra clothes to change into, iPod, etc.). Bonus: place it in your (now) clean car, and you will be even more likely to use it!
  4. Pinterest: I have a whole board called iOrganize, where I get ideas and inspiration for organizing my life. Create your own boards to visualize your perfect organization – you’ll be more likely to complete them!
  5. Filing Folders: This isn’t a new concept, but still one that I find highly effective. Make them, and keep them in a convenient place at home. Label with things like: Read Me. Get Me Done. File Me Away (or any other “creative” terms you can think of). Make sure to get yourself some cute folders, too!
  6. Grocery Shopping List: I go to the grocery store probably two to three times per week. I’m always running out of the things I use most. Instead of writing down the things you need on several different post-it notes, try either keeping a list via a fridge magnetic pad, in Evernote or in your planner.  An all-in-one place makes it so simple to grab-n-go!

Life is busy, but getting yourself organized and keeping it that way will ensure that busy doesn’t mean frustrating!

How do you stay organized?

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