Meet our Cheese Dippers.

Now make every journey a little more mindful. Bring creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks wherever you go.

Creamy Swiss with Classic Breadsticks

Rich, creamy cheese paired with crunchy breadsticks. This perfectly portable snack is a match made in, well, anywhere.

Creamy Swiss with Tomato & Herb Breadsticks

Savory tomato & herb breadsticks dipped in rich, creamy cheese is proof that there's no such thing as too much flavor.

Creamy Swiss Garlic & Herb with Whole Grain Breadsticks

Crunchy whole grain breadsticks pair perfectly with rich creamy Swiss Garlic & Herb cheese. Snacking on-the-go just got even more delicious.

Creamy White Cheddar with Whole Grain Breadsticks

Rich creamy White Cheddar cheese meets crunchy whole grain breadsticks. You just can't go wrong with this savory snack.