Spreadable Cheese Wedges

Enjoy all 9 varieties of The Laughing Cow® spreadable cheese wedges. The pairing possibilities are endless.

Creamy Original Swiss

Rich, creamy and ready to top anything is the mantra of this versatile cheese. Send ordinary snacking packing with every perfect bite!

Creamy Swiss Garlic & Herb

Amp up your day with the savory flavor of Creamy Swiss Garlic & Herb. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder that cheese is a gotta-have-it snack for some of us!

Creamy White Cheddar Flavor

Top every snack with the tangy fun of The Laughing Cow® Creamy White Cheddar Flavor. This distinctive taste is perfect with fruits, veggies and just about anything else!

Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack

Enjoy mindful snacking with a full-bodied kick. Our just-right combo of real jalapeño peppers and creamy cheese adds a delicious "¡Olé!" to your day — or night.

Creamy Light Swiss

Sit and savor this light and creamy Swiss spreadable cheese as you enjoy the unlimited pairing possibilities.

Creamy Queso Fresco Chipotle

Creamy queso fresco and ripe chipotle peppers pair up for a rich, smoky flavor combo. Wave adios to ordinary snacking!

Creamy Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Flavor

Savory sun-dried tomatoes and a hint of basil meld with rich, creamy cheese for a mouthwatering combination.

Creamy Swiss French Onion

Enjoy this creamy, perfect balance of tantalizing and tangy Swiss and savory onion. It adds panache to any pairing!

Creamy Asiago

Satisfy your savory side with our Creamy Asiago! This unique variety of artisanal-inspired cheese pairs perfectly with just about everything.